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New York Covid-19 Pencil Tracker is a variable art edition of foil stamped lead pencils. This project seeks to acknowledge those who passed away from Covid-19 in our City and engage the public across New York City with the “spread” of the message, charting and replacing the devastating outbreak of the virus with an equally viral transmission of recorded facts through the agency of pencils, a transient tool that dispenses its form to inform. The pencil is thus made into a found testimonial literally as well as metaphorically exposing at once our shortcomings as well as our strengths, delegating a remembrance that pays tribute to those we have lost. The pencils will be placed during the months of April to December 2022 at random locations around the City, from waiting rooms to cafeteria, park benches and subway to list just a few. The printed message carries accurate data recorded from the NYC Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the date of the penc

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